Scaffolding Accidents in the UK

We all know how hazardous shoddy scaffolding can be. Insecure bracing, poor materials, unsafe construction, lack of attention to safety board regulations – all lead to scaffolding accidents all over the UK. Read more

Construction Going Green – Green Architecture

Our planet is really feeling the heat of Global Warming. Humans are consuming resources like never before. A new coal-fired power plant is built in China EVERY WEEK!

This all signifies that consumption of raw materials will keep on increasing. And it doesn’t seem to be sustainable. We are loosing natural resources fast, and if nothing is done to stop this drain, we will be hit hard. We already see the effects of Global Warming, like the El Nino effect. Read more

Building The World With Construction Projects

Construction projects are very important aspects in modern society. It is among the most fundamental ways upon which nations build their value by creating physical assets that they can utilize both economic and social profits. For most, the benchmark of a society’s progress is the number of hospitals, roads, tunnels, buildings, bridges and infrastructure that are constructed in a given populace. These are definite symbols of economic stability and progress that practically al… Read more